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  Spirit Wing: Ancient Spirit Voices
Spirit Wing’s first effort. This CD is dedicated to two of their teachers and good friends, Bear Claw and Cliff Two Moons. Created when Barbara and Barry were just a duo, assisted by Tony Dominic and Jim Beer of UNAM; this CD takes the listener on a roller coaster of emotion, from hope and joy (Ancient Spirit Voices, Sacred Ground and Grandfather) to somber commitment by doing what is right (Man Walks Among Us, Warrior of the North Prairie), children’s music (Fly Away Crow), to sad references of history (The Children, Washita River and Trail of Tears)

Chris Hawley was invited to participate in the recording studio by adding bass lines to their songs. His musical talent lent such impact to their songs that they asked him to consider joining them, thus forming the group, Spirit Wing. Ancient Spirit Voices has received airplay through out the United States, Australia and Canada.

1. Grandfather
2. Washita River
3. Warrior of the North Prairie
4. Ancient Spirit Voices
5. Man Walks Among Us
6. Hear My Prayer Creator
7. Fly Away Crow
8. The Children
9. Sacred Ground
10. There's No Justice
11. The Trail of Tears
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Spirit Wing: To Future From Past
Spirit Wing’s long awaited second CD contains the very popular “When the Buffalo Come Back” and “Counting Coup on the Highway.” This compilation is a loose time line, reflecting the life of the original people; beginning with a traditional Longhouse/Bighouse song and finishing with the hopeful “Learn How to Live” The CD was recorded at Studio 210 (http://www.studio210.net); produced by Spirit Wing and Rich Bickle. Spirit Wing made a conscious effort not to “overcrowd” the music with “studio magic.” Instead they chose to allow the energy of the 3 piece acoustic band to remain evident in all the tracks. Our heartfelt thanks go to Sky Lone Elk, Denise Bickle and Theresa Durkin for their contributions to “Daddy Will We Dance in the Grass” and “Counting Coup on the Highway.” This CD is dedicated to our dear friend and teacher, the late Chief Bill Thompson. He will be truly missed.

1. Mohawk Hunting Song
2. As the Crow Flies
3. Shenandoah
4. Spirit Keeper
5. Whippoorwill Story
6. Whippoorwill
7. Daddy Will We Dance in the Grass
8. When the Buffalo Come Back
9. What About Me
10. Counting Coup on the Highway
11. Warren
12. Beautiful River
13. Learn How To Live
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Spirit Wing: Flutes, Drums & Guitars
Spirit Wing has just released a new ‘all instrumental’ album entitled, “Flutes, Drums and Guitars”. This CD was born due to the requests of our many fans for a meditative/instrumental recording. It features not only the sound that everyone has become used to in Spirit Wing's music but also we move into the realm of electric guitars and trap sets.

Many of Spirit Wing's talented friends lent their hand into this album such as Ted The Fiddler and Martin Bradfield  to name a few.

This CD was a finalist for the Native American Music Awards in Best World Music category in 2007.
1. Waiting For Chris
2. Walk Gently On Mother Earth
3. Sound Check Song
4. Chiskukus (Robin)
5. Luna's Loonie Tune
6. Sunrise
7. Dance of the Cloud People
8. For Two
9. Tweet's Song
10. Walk of the Opsuwihele (goose)
11. Unilatchitgo
12. Lapich Kne'well (Owa'pich no'whey)
      to purchase  To Walk in Beauty
Spirit Wing: To Walk In Beauty
Nominated for a Native American Music Award in 2009, To Walk in Beauty (songs of peace, love and happiness) is Spirit Wing's 4th CD. This a collection of songs that hope to bring good thoughts and happiness into your day.

Included in this CD are samples of Spirit Wing's "bluesy" side with the jumping "49'n All Night Long" and "Under a Summer Sky" to the blues standard: "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess. Also is a haunting rendition of a Celtic ballad: "In the Beauty of this Land" and a new take on the folk traditional: "Come By Here" The center piece of this album is the love song: "To Walk in Beauty" along with it's reprise with the silver flute and Native flute taking center stage.
1. Thankful Song
2. Sunny Day
3. The Beauty of this Land
4. (Maisie's) Morning Song
5. To Walk In Beauty
6. 49'n All Night Long
7. Summertime
8. Under a Summer Sky
9. To Walk in Beauty (reprise)
10. Come By Here

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